Vintage 2018
Wine Type Red
Varietal Gewurztraminer
Region Russian River
Winemaker Margo Van Staaveren

Tasting Notes

Easily recognizable aromas of lychee, honeysuckle, pear, red apple and rose petals that define Gewürztraminer set the stage for similar flavors, with some added spice, ripe melon and a rich, soft and pleasing mouthfeel. Not so easy to spell or pronounce, but easy to enjoy, this special wine is perfect with soft creamy cheeses and American style Chinese cuisine.

Our Estate Vineyard

An early ripening variety, Gewurztraminer grapes are typically among the first to be picked each growing season.  This is the first vintage from a newly planted vineyard above the winery, in a steeply terraced, nearly hidden location that only is kissed by the Sun for a few hours each day. As a result, the fruit ripens evenly, and with a deliberate pace, allowing for full color development with classic varietal characteristics such as aromas of lychee.

Vintage Notes

A near perfect season, welcomed after several tense vintages, began with abundant February rains followed by drying sun and weather that allowed for even flowering and bud break. The slightly later start was followed by consistently ideal weather, with harvest for Gewürztraminer in early September. Generally normal to heavier fruit with great flavor and complexity will be the hallmark of the season.

Winemaking Notes

The Chateau St. Jean Gewurztraminer is made in an off-dry style.  After a brief soaking on the skins, the juice was fermented at very low temperatures in small batches for just over one month in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vessels, helping to retain natural acidity and fragrant varietal character.  Fermentation is arrested early, resulting in a wine that is off-dry, offering balance between beautiful aromatics and body.